Artist's Statement

Inheriting my father's perpetual wanderlust, I have been constantly drawn to other cultures, to the vibrant beauty of life on the street. Even before overcoming jet-lag I have to hit the dusty markets in a new village, exploring the tastes, smells, sounds, views, taking in all the multi-sensory delights. Snapping photos as unobtrusively as I can.

Back home, I am instantly restless. I want to re-experience a place. I want that heightened sense of stepping off into a new land. I want to fall in love with the people again. So I jazz up my photographs with water colors, collage them, reprint them, paint on them again. And when I paint, something takes over. Maybe it's the fluid, vivid intensity of the water colors. Maybe it's the music I listen to. Maybe it's the people and places that still linger in the vibrations of the original photographs. Memoryscapes enhanced by time.

I've worked with multi-media and photography since the 1960's, and as a screenwriter and script consultant. I've taught word processing to veiled Islamic women in Egypt, shipped goods from Afghanistan for an importer, sewed the bindings on clogs at a sweatshop shoe factory along the Hudson and worked as a waitress in between. Traveling whenever I could. Everywhere seeking out the people, the colors and the story. Currently by day, I work as an internet consultant for Latin American publishers. By night, I study African dance and I paint.

I have a B.A. in French from the University of Wisconsin and a Masters in Communication from the State University of New York.

Recent exhibitions include:

The Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA; February-March 2001
The Junction Gallery, Jamaica Plain, MA; Dec.-Jan. 2001
Pickle & Puppy, Wellfleet MA; May-Sept. 2000


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