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Announcing The Untimely Demise Of The Alleged Mistress Of Hirohito
Five Blind Venetians
Free Parking
  Gulliver and Child Labor Laws   Lennon Embraces The Theory Of Evolution  
The Minstrel Seduces The Thought Police
Preparing For The World Arena
The Naked Prey
Papal Army Roundup
  The Patriarchs  

Much of my art deals with the subject of man's inhumanity to man. My artistic aspirations are to heighten the viewers awareness of what has happened and what is happening to the human condition today as well as to raise pertinent questions and, ideally, to evoke an emotional and thought-provoking response. Admittedly, there are some scenes that may confront the psyche as shocking at first, but my hope is that upon closer examination and after further contemplation, these pieces will reveal themselves in the positive way in which they are intended.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to respond to art, although that capacity is not always activated. To truly respond to a work of art, it is necessary first of all to suspend all labels and prejudices and not to lock yourself inside the walls of your own ego. Be open to what the work has to offer you and let the work speak to you without setting up preconditions, without in any way defending the fragility of your own ego. True works of art sometimes teach us things about ourselves we have no desire to know. Art can take you into another's vision only to bring you back to your own truth.

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