A Letter to His Mother, from My Grandmother's
Youngest Brother, Michael (My Great Uncle),
Who Served in The First World War

I'm at the Post, June 14, 1916

Mother of Mine!

I'm lying under cover, hiding as best I can. Thoughts of you are in my heart and also the town of my birth where I grew up. The desire to be there lives in my heart. But who knows when I can embrace you again? Thanks be to God that He gives me the courage and strength to bear this unworthy cause. And with me [are] many other comrades who feel the same way about fighting the enemy. It would seem it is time for this war to be terminated…because this war is older than all of Europe that is surrounded by the sea, which swallows human life. What joy for us if peace comes! But only God knows when peace will come.

I wrote you a short letter yesterday and hope you will receive it and be tranquil and happy. I don't write much because I can't say anything about our war maneuvers. But if it's my good fortune to return, I know we'll talk for a long time about my life in the war. It's already been three months that I've been back into it.

Goodbye, 'til we meet again! I'm sure your holy blessings are with me wherever I go. I kiss you all over and over and over, dear Father and Sisters!

Pray over me!

Your Son, Micheleno


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