Tired of watching America turn into one big strip mall? Time to do a little something about it.

An Explanation.

(This is the beginning, and this is a work in progress.)

Taking action is a difficult thing. It requires a commitment, it requires a physical presence... it requires risk. It demands that you leave the zone of comfort that you're in, that you get out from behind the keyboard, and face potential confrontation with results that can be damaging. But action is the only way to truly affect change.

Here at Opensewer, we have, in the past, taken our own sort of action. Our mission is to fight stale minds, to wake people up out of their state of robotic passive acceptance and make them think about the situation they and the world are in. To accomplish this mission we organize gatherings of minds several times a year, in real life, in several American cities. We want to stir the intellect, to rouse the soul. And so far, we've done it.

The Opensewer gatherings have far surpassed the hopes that we had for them in the beginning. Seeing people's emotion and passion awaken is inspiring. Now we've decided that we want to take this inspiration a bit further.

So we, as an organization, have resolved to become a bit more specific with our actions. We've decided to leave a slightly more visible mark on the face of the earth and the consciousness of the general public. Call it an experiment, call it youthful idealism (although we're all far from being youths), call it what you will. But we're going to try, one small step at a time. Wanna give us a hand?

Lie to Them.

Easy (and fun!) techniques to throw a wrench into the works of the corporate marketing machine.

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Take action toward minds that have fallen asleep.

Start an Opensewer Gathering in your area.

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Take action toward Irresponsible Retail Establishments.

Modern corporate retail doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about human well-being. We're starting campaigns against the ones that we feel are the worst offenders, and we offer a few suggestions on throwing a wrench in their works.

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Take action toward the Mall.

The Mall is the scourge of the American city. Are these behemoths unstoppable? Download flyers, get hints and tips, and see pictures of past mall actions.


Take action toward Sport Utility Vehicles.

These monsters are causing too many problems, and people are getting fed up. SUVs epitomize the wasteful, selfish mentality that seems to dominate American today. It's time to make it clear how we (the pedestrians of the world) feel.


Action that failed, but left a mark.

The story of the Hulett Ore Unloaders.



More actions to come...


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